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Manufactured by one of the worlds largest EPDM manufacturers, ClassicBond roof systems offer economical, easy installation and require no special tools or installation equipment, making it a great choice for both refurbishments and new build projects.

ClassicBond EPDM flat roofing system has been awarded the British Board of Agrément certificate, No. 22/6065, with a service life in excess of 35 years.

The BBA carries out assessment, testing, approval and certification of products and systems for the construction industry against national requirements, internationally recognised standards or other relevant technical specifications.

Exceptional Durability

ClassicBond EPDM membranes offer exceptional performance in all weathers, performing like new after three decades of exposure.

High Quality

Manufactured by one of the worlds leading manufacturers in EPDM roofing.
ClassicBond membranes are BBA certified, CE marked and hold BROOF(t4) fire ratings.


Large choice of roll widths, incredible strength and flexibility to suit many flat roof projects.
EPDM has been the roofers choice for projects of all sizes and complexities the world over.

Variety of widths & thicknesses

Heat & flame free installation
No specialist tools required

Will accommodate building movement

Will not tear, split or crack
Resists extreme temperature, UV & ageing

Minimal maintenance

10, 15 and 20 year membrane warranties

ClassicBond Pro

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Ideal for virtually any residential, commercial or industrial flat roofing project and contractor, ClassicBond PRO EPDM single ply membrane features a polyester fleece laminated to the underside giving a stronger flat roofing membrane compared to non reinforced EPDM.

This flexible synthetic rubber membrane with exceptional performance in all weathers, provides the contractor and building owner with a high quality flat roof system.

All ClassicBond PRO EPDM membranes have Pre-applied Seam Tape (PST) – a seaming system that is installed with no heat welders, flames or specialist tools.

ClassicBond PRO EPDM membranes offer 180% greater tear resistance and 40% greater puncture resistance than than 1.5mm non reinforced EPDM roofing membranes.

Specifically designed for use over minor imperfections, splits or ridges that may have formed in the existing roof system, the tough fleece reinforcement on ClassicBond PRO provides excellent protection over a range of substrates.

The flexibility of the membrane allows for seamless angle changes and the enhanced adhesion characteristics of the polyester fleece makes installation to upstands simple.

The range of ClassicBond PRO Adhesives makes the installation a flame and heat free process minimising any fire risk associated with hot works.

The roofing membrane is laid into either acrylic or polyurethane adhesive on the flat or low slope areas and adhered using ClassicBond PRO bonding adhesive to the roof perimeter.

The membrane is suitable for all types of green roof systems and can also be slabbed or decked using ClassicBond PRO Paving Support Discs.

For areas that need maintenance access, Pressure Sensitive Walkway pads are available to provide a hardy, non-slip surface for maintenance staff on the roof.

Versatile Size
Membrane size is 1.52m x 12.2m (18.54m²)

Fleece reinforced for added toughness

Weight per m2: 1.51kg

Will not tear, split or crack
Resists extreme temperature, UV & ageing

Enhanced Reliability
Pre-applied Seam Tape is applied for excellent peel and shear strength

Zero Shrinkage
No requirement for base tie-in /peel stop

Will accommodate building movement

High quality, durable roof edge trim manufactured from co-extruded uPVC, the same technology trusted by the industry to manufacture uPVC solid fascia, and ready to install straight out of the box. Providing a neat, simple and fast finishing detail for roof edge.

Our benefits

Staff Training

Flex-R can visit you at your premises, and provide training for your sales & counter staff so that they’re confident to sell the systems for you.


Customer Training

Flex-R Technical Support staff are able to provide training to your customers, either at our dedicated training centres, or at your branch, provided the available space meets our requirements to ensure your customers get the most from the experience.

The course is full, hands-on, practical training. It includes seaming options, terminations, finishing, penetrations and much more.


Demo Days

Flex-R are enthusiastic supporters of branch demo days. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with your team & customers, and allows us to demonstrate our system’s & help win you business.

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