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A Guide to Specifying the Correct Flat Roofing System

This seminar works through flat roofs, the different waterproofing options that are available and when to specify each for the best solution, covering:

  • Design considerations, – What is the client’s brief?
  • The different waterproofing types that are available
  • Insulation options
  • Green roofing types
  • What support is available to assist you with your designs
  • Case studies

Roof Refurbishment: A Guide to Best Practice

To equip the specifier with better knowledge on roofing systems by explaining and providing guidance on:

  • Explanation of different roof types
  • What should be included in a roof survey
  • Assessing whether you need to overlay or strip a roof
  • Choosing the appropriate solution for your project – from the deck up
  • Roof refurbishment best practice
  • What support to expect from suppliers
  • Legislative and statutory information
  • Further sources of information / contacts

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