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The range of roof build-ups and surfaces that are encountered in the refurbishment of flat roofs or the design limitations of some systems when creating new flat roof areas are not a concern when choosing RubberBond FleeceBack for your next roofing system.

FleeceBack membrane allows easy installation onto a variety of deck surfaces resulting in a system suitable for overlay of many aged roof systems, roof renovation and new projects, in small and large commercial installations.

With an extensive range of proven accessories to suit a multitude of functions the Rubberbond Fleeceback system enables you to complete any roofing requirement.

Factory Applied Tape seams, pre-formed pipe seals, pourable sealer & formable Pressure Sensitive Tapes capable of moulding to the contours of virtually any shape are some of the accessories that save valuable time when installing RubberBond FleeceBack Single Ply.

Incorporating a range of adhesives to overcome virtually any substrate and temperature variation is essential in a climate that varies so frequently.

The FleeceBack and adhesive combination give the property owner the benefits of superior wind uplift resistance and bond adhesion due to the excellent strength achieved between the two layers that cannot be achieved with membranes that do not have a fleeceback.

RubberBond is ideal for many new and refurbishment flat roofing projects including;

  • Apartments & Flats
  • Offices, Warehouses & Storage
  • Schools, Hospitals and Local Authority projects
  • Green Roofs & Roof Terraces
  • Residential projects

1.52m wide by 12.2m long, (18.54m²) with Factory Applied Tape (FAT™)
3.05m wide by 15.25m long (46.5m²) with Factory Applied Tape (FAT™)

Superior strength of a 1.2mm thick membrane and 1.8mm fleece which offers 40% greater puncture resistance and 180% greater tear resistance than standard 1.52mm membranes

British Board of Agrément approved

Service life in excess of 35 years

Full training and continued support in the installation of RubberBond

FleeceBack Single Ply

  • Adheres to many substrates
  • Ideal for overlayment of many existing surfaces, complete renewal or new build projects
  • 67% fewer seams than Modified Bitumen with 3.05m sheet
  • Will not tear, split or crack
  • Excellent UV stability
  • No heat or welding during installation
  • No requirement for Base Tie-in or Peel Stop
  • Easily joined to many materials & roofing systems

LQD-PUR is a complete roof waterproofing system. Tried and tested polyurethane technology provides the reassurance of a long-lasting roof, further supported by the awarding of BBA certificates for systems assessed to provide a durable waterproof coating with service lives in excess of 20 and 25 years.

The LQD-PUR system is able to withstand the stresses that roofs experience due to its elastomeric properties. Rapid curing components, and cross-linking technology provide the professional contractor with a fast, easy to install system.

Simple Installation

Flex-R’s LQD-PUR has been developed with the contractor in mind. Reduced project times can be achieved as it requires no mixing, utilises a minimal range of components for each roofing application, and can be applied with a brush or roller. This simplicity ensures fast application, reduced labour, and eliminates the need to ensure correct mixing ratios. Its fast-curing components allow the system to cure in 6-12 hours at 20°C, but can be installed from 5°C.

Long lasting Waterproofing

The BBA has awarded certificates for both 20 and 25 year system options. This provides the professional contractor, architect or specifier, and the building owner the reassurance they demand. BBA Agrément Certificate 21/5904. refers.

Fire Certification

Fire certification has never been more important. Flex-R LQD-PUR has been tested on a range of common roof build-ups for both flat and pitched roof applications. Classified in accordance with EN 13501-5:2016 Test method: CEN/TS 1187: 2012 Test 4. Classification: BROOF(t4).

Refurbishment and New Build

With its ability to adhere to an extensive range of common roofing substrates, LQD-PUR is a versatile system that can be installed over *OSB3, *suitable ply, mastic asphalt, Bitumen felts, PVC single-ply, metal, concrete, PU liquid applied coatings and *tissue faced insulation.

*LQD-PUR AVCL should be installed as a carrier membrane over all timber-based and suitable tissue faced insulation boards substrates prior to application of the LQD-PUR system.

Simple Installation

Minimal range of components. Apply straight out of the can

Long Lasting Waterproofing

BBA approved for 20 and 25 year projects

BROOF(t4) Fire Certificates

Extensively tested over many roof build-ups for total reassurance

Refurbishment and New Build

Wide project range with consistent application methods

Compatible with multiple substrates

Tissue and Foil faced PIR, EPS, XPS, Mineral Wool, Foamglass, Ply, OSB3, Bitumen Felt, PVC single ply (subject to adhesion test)

Two Roof Colour Options from One System

Base Coat can be either Coat A or B determined by surface colour preference. Both Coat A and B should be used to complete the installation to ensure full coverage rates are achieved: Minimal range of components. Apply straight out of the can

Specialist Registered Installers have access to:

In-house training

Full hands-on, practical training at our dedicated training centres including seaming options, terminations, finishing, penetrations and much more.

On-site training

To complement the in-house training, we work with our registered installers on their roofing projects. By working with them in a real roofing situation, our experienced technical team help consolidate their product detailing knowledge and techniques.


On-going support

Direct contact with Flex-R ensures your questions are answered instantly by our technical staff, who have a wealth of experience in overcoming the challenges faced on-site and understand your needs.

With site visits anywhere in the country, we will be there when you need us and we also offer free contractor refresher training and sales support if required.



Specialist registered Installers are able to offer project specific warranties.

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