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RubberBond FleeceBack™ Single Ply

RubberBond FleeceBack™ is a 3mm thick polyester reinforced EPDM membrane, manufactured with Factory Applied Tape (FAT™).

FAT™ gives you a seam that has the same elasticity and flexibility as the membrane itself. Applied to our membranes in a factory controlled setting, FAT ensures reliable seams with greater peel and shear strengths than standard seaming methods.

The 3.05m wide roll with FAT™ reduces the amount of seams on the roof by 67% compared to felt systems and reduces the seaming time by 75% compared to other methods.

FAT™ is applied to one edge of the roll, the other edge has a guide line to ensure correct overlap widths and membrane placement.

FAT™ improves seaming productivity so projects can be completed faster, getting buildings ‘in the dry’ quicker and minimising business disruption.

SureEdge PVC Perimeter Trims

An alternative to using RubberBond Edge Trims, the benefit of these is that they create their own seal to the roof surface, negating the need to install a timber perimeter upstand.

The drip edge is a two part trim that securely clamps the membrane into place and creates a step into the gutter at the same time. The drip edge can also be used in conjunction with the Plastisol Trims. Internal and external corners for edge and drip trims.

RubberBond Plastisol Steel Edge Trims

Plastisol Steel wall trims offer a quick and economical alternative to lead and secured with RubberBoond RB Fasteners. Plastisol Steel perimiter trims feature a 10mm drip return on the bottom & are suitable for forming both drip & check kerb details. They are an economical method of finishing the roof perimeter.

Termination Bars are used to create a compression seal to upstands where cutting a chase isn’t possible. They must be used in conjunction with Water Cut-Off Mastic.

RubberBond Sprayable PU Deck Adhesive

Sprayable polyurethane (PU) deck adhesive specifically for bonding RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM membranes to wide range of substrates including tissue faced PIR insulation.

Aerosol 1 Skin Irrit. 2 Eye Irrit. 2 Resp. Sens. 1 Skin Sens. 1 Carc. 2 STOT SE 3 STOT RE 2


  • 4 x Faster application than roller applied PU
  • Reduced applicator strain
  • Up to 180m2 coverage/canister (dependent on substrate)
  • Read TDS & SDS prior to use

RubberBond Sprayable Bonding Adhesive

A high strength, spray applied contact adhesive, specifically designed, manufactured and tested for RubberBond flat roofing installations. Designed for bonding RubberBond membrane to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Suitable for a range of surfaces e.g. timber, brickwork, metal and concrete.

Aerosol 1 Skin Irrit. 2 Eye Irrit. 2 STOT SE 3 Aquatic Chronic 2


  • Available in 22L canister (3.5-4.5m2 per litre dependent on substrate)
  • Read TDS & SDS prior to use

RubberBond WBA Deck Adhesive

A high-strength, acrylic adhesive allowing for fast, effective bonding of RubberBond membranes to timber flat roofing substrates.

Offering superior bond strengths without solvents or strong odours with minimal waste. Not suitable for tissue faced PIR insulation or non-porous substrates.

Skin Sens. 1 Aquatic Chronic 3



  • Designed to be roller applied to flat roof surfaces
  • Available in:
    2.5L (7-10m² coverage)
    5L (14-20m² coverage)
    15L (42-60m² coverage)
  • Read TDS & SDS prior to use

RubberBond PU Deck Adhesive

Polyurethane (PU) deck adhesive to be used to bond RubberBond membrane to a range of common flat roof substrates including plywood, OSB3, concrete, PIR tissue faced insulation, steel and suitable existing bitumen layers etc.

Acute Tox. 4 Skin Irrit. 2 Eye Irrit. 2 Resp. Sens. 1 Skin Sens. 1 Carc. STOT SE 3 STOT RE 2



  • 5L can covers up to 22m2
  • Roller Applied
  • Read TDS & SDS prior to use

RubberBond HP-250 Primer

Designed for one-step cleaning and priming of surfaces prior to the application of FAT™, 225mm PS Elastoform Tape, 150mm PS Cover Strip, pre-formed pipe seals, walkway pads and all other pressure sensitive products.

Flam. Liq. 2 Skin Irrit. 2 Eye Irrit. 2 Skin Sens. 1 Repr. 2 STOT SE 3 STOT RE 2 Aquatic Chronic 3



  • Available in 0.5L and 1L containers
  • Read TDS & SDS prior to use

225mm (9”) and 300mm (12”) PS Uncured Tape

Mouldable and adaptable to irregular surfaces and shapes, this self-curing tape is capable of sealing internal and external corners, creating cover patches and is ideal for field-wrapping pipes, penetrations and other flat roof detail.

150mm (6”) PS Cover Strip

A non-mouldable tape used for sealing RubberBond membranes, ideal for stripping in gravel stops, metal edging and drip edges. Resists tearing, cracking and abrasion in all weather conditions.

Must be used with RubberBond HP-250 Primer.

RubberBond EPDM Pressure Sensitive (PS) Tapes

Flex-R recommends the use of Pressure Sensitive accessories due to their increased reliability, speed of installation and reduction of materials required to complete details.

Must be used with RubberBond HP-250 Primer.

RubberBond PS Moulded Walkway Pads

Slip resistant and designed to protect the membrane in those areas exposed to repetitive foot traffic. UV resistant, offering excellent tear and puncture resistance.

Must be used with RubberBond HP-250 Primer.

Paving Support Disc

Used for installing paving slabs or decking on top of RubberBond flat roof systems.

Designed to lift the roof terrace system 15mm above the roof surface allowing for a clear flow of water.

RubberBond Flat Roof Outlets

Available for 68mm & 110mm downpipes and to create outlets through a parapet wall. All made from synthetic rubber that can withstand large temperature variations, impacts and UV light. These outlets are pre-fabricated, and sealed to the membrane with PS Uncured Tape, saving time on site and offer a simple, long term watertight seal.

RubberBond RB Fasteners and Insulation Fasteners

Intended for the fastening of metal perimeter trims and securing gutter edge details. RB Fasteners are low profile, colour-coded steel with an EPDM washer, creating a watertight seal.

Thermal break insulation fasteners utilise a PVC tube secured with a steel fixing screw. Designed to create a thermal break to reduce heat loss.

Carlisle Pressure Sensitive Pipe Seals

Pre-fabricated pipe seals are cured EPDM with a Pressure-Sensitive (PS) tape applied to the base. Ideal for quick and easy flashing of pipes 12mm up to 150mm in diameter.

Must be used with RubberBond HP-250 Primer.

Carlisle Water Cut-Off Mastic

Used for sealing membrane edges when creating a compression type termination.

A one-component, low viscosity, self-wetting butyl blend mastic used with RubberBond roofing and waterproofing systems. Must be used under compression.

Flam. Liq. 2 Skin Irrit. 2 Eye Irrit. 2 STOT SE 3



  • Each tube covers 3 linear metres
  • This is only to be used as a compression type mastic, not as a sealant for wall chases or gaps
  • Read TDS & SDS prior to use

Carlisle Lap Sealant

Primarily used for sealing exposed edges of RubberBond PS Uncured Tape, and sealing trim to perimeter walls.

Lap Sealants are extremely durable and their cured rubber consistency allows them to expand and contract like the EPDM membrane.

Flam. Liq. 2 STOT SE 3 Aquatic Chronic 2



  • Fast, clean, simple finish to the flat roofing system
  • Read TDS & SDS prior to use

Quality Standards

RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM flat roofing system has been awarded the British Board of Agrément certificate, No. 19/5669. Companies and individuals using products with BBA approval can do so in the knowledge that that they will perform, as set out in the certificate. If work is to be inspected by building control, the NHBC or any other industry professionals, the use of approved products should avoid any problems with compliance with building regulations or other issues.

BBA Certificate

As a member of the RIBA NBS Plus service, we can provide the client with a bespoke NBS format specification for any project. Alternatively our technical team can always provide bespoke RubberBond FleeceBack specifications, which enable a more detailed project specific specification and can be used by those not using the NBS format.

NBS Plus

UK construction industry professionals can access more information about the RubberBond FleeceBack product range at Industry professionals will be able to find contact details, web addresses, case studies, product information and more about the RubberBond product range from our company overview page on the site.

RIBA Product Selector

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has been adopted by the European Commission and UK Government from the 1st July 2013 to ensure that construction products meet the CE requirements of the new Regulation.

According to the Regulation, the requirement for CE marking will apply to:
“any product or kit which is produced and placed on the market for incorporation in a permanent manner in construction works or parts thereof and the performance of which has an effect on the performance of the construction works with respect to the basic requirements for construction works.”

So any flat roofing products that fall under this definition that are placed on the market from July 2013 and are covered by a harmonised standard EN 13956:2012 “Flexible sheet for waterproofing – Plastic and rubber sheets for waterproofing”, must be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance and will need to display the CE mark.

The Document of Performance (DOP) that accompany the CE-marking of the RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM membranes can be viewed or downloaded here.

download Declaration of Performance E-103

Recognising fire resistance capabilities is an important performance attribute of most roof systems and to ensure it is being installed within local government regulations. A wide variety of fire classification reports are available for RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM to view or download click the relevant test below.

For further information please contact the RubberBond Technical Department.

RubberBond Class Broof T4 13501-5 (E)
RubberBond FAC pt 3 report (E)
RubberBond Fleeceback EPDM CEN-TS 1187
RubberBond Fleeceback EPDM Class Broof T4 13501-5
RubberBond Fleeceback EPDM FAC pt 3 report
RubberBond on Glass Tissue
RubberBond on Ply Faced PIR
RubberBond on Glass Tissue OSB BS
RubberBond on Glass Tissue ENV
RubberBond on Ply Faced PIR BS
RubberBond on Ply Faced PIR ENC

NBS Specifications

We have a range of pre-compiled NBS specifications for your use. RubberBond standard NBS specifications are offered on the condition that the customer takes full responsibility for ensuring each specification is correct and appropriate for its intended purpose and that conditions for its use are suitable. You can download a specification below which can be edited for your project.

For project specific NBS specifications and/or provision of full RubberBond roofing specifications, contact RubberBond technical services.

RubberBond product specifications are available to view via the NBS application.