Roof Refurbishment Webinar for Building Surveyors

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Roof Refurbishment Webinar for Building Surveyors

We’ve discovered that our roof refurbishment training webinar is very popular with building surveyors. Here’s why.

Building surveyors deal with a huge number of existing buildings in their career and have to take responsibility for a lot of roofs. Many of these roofs will be reaching the end of their natural life.

Flat roofing was very popular for schools, housing and commercial buildings in the 1970s onwards, but many of these buildings were constructed using technologies much more primitive than those now available, and may also have undergone several phases of refurbishment and repair.

Traditional roofing membranes are less able to cope with the temperature changes of a flat roof when it is heavily insulated, and as insulation values increased in the first half of the 21st Century, these membranes, particularly bituminous ones, may also be suffering from the effect of years of solar gain.

These effects are cumulative and result in a major challenge for those who look after our buildings. Back in 2019 a Guardian investigation identified that one in five schools in England (almost 4000 schools) required urgent repairs, and nearly 8000 schools had roofs, walls or windows deemed by the Government’s School Condition Data Collection programme (CDC) to be in a poor condition or worse. 

Combined with poor design and detailing, structural movement over the decades and increased moisture vapour levels in the interior, many flat roofs that building surveyors come across may well be in a poor state.

However, to enable your client to make the right commercial decisions about their roofs, you need to be equipped with the technical knowledge and support to advise them with confidence.

Flex-R’s technical team have put together a free online CPD webinar on roof refurbishment which aims to equip building surveyors with the knowledge to deal with roof failures they may come across.

The webinar covers a number of topics including:

  • Legislative and statutory information
  • Advice on assessing a flat roof condition
  • What to expect from a professional roof survey
  • How to decide whether to strip or overlay
  • Advice on insulation and membranes
  • Advice on roof maintenance and how to work with a supplier
  • Plenty of examples of common, and less common, problems and solutions.

The webinar is interactive with the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss your projects afterwards. Hosted on the popular platform GotoWebinar, and available four times a month, it is also easy to access at a time that suits your busy schedule.

If you’d like to attend our free Roof Refurbishment Webinar, click the link below to register and choose the date that suits you.