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Homeowner Flat Roof Repair and Replacement

A Flex-R flat roof system offer homeowners a flat roof installed by trained & approved roofing contractors.

  • *Trained & Registered Specialist Registered Installers. Contact Flex-R for your local installer
  • Dedicated Technical Support for installers
  • Can be directly applied to many existing flat roof systems
  • Can be installed as part of a warm roof build-up to improve energy efficiency
  • **20 Year Membrane Warranties available through installers
  • Can be installed as part of a flat roof build-up to achieve BROOF(t4)

Flex-R have been training & supplying a network of local Specialist Registered Installers (SRI’s) since we formed, in 2000.

Once trained, they have access to a dedicated Technical Support Representative, who can assist them to provide technical support & guidance.

Why choose Flex-R’s RubberBond FleeceBack?

RubberBond combines the proven performance of EPDM, with the addition of FleeceBack, to create a 3mm thick membrane.

EPDM is a synthetic rubber that has resistance to weathering, ozone, UV, and thermal shock. The addition of FleeceBack to the EPDM increases puncture & tear resistance over non-reinforced EPDM membranes.

A range of adhesives enable installation over many new & existing substrates, allowing you the versatility of removing your existing roof waterproofing, or if a survey deems suitable, incorporating it into your new roof as a functioning component.

RubberBond FleeceBack has been awarded a BBA Agrément Certificate 22/6056 by the British Board of Agrément stating a service life of at least 35 years. It can be installed as part of a flat roof build-up to achieve a BROOFt4. 20 year membrane guarantees are available (T & C’s apply).

RubberBond FleeceBack™ Single Ply

RubberBond FleeceBack™ is a 3mm thick polyester reinforced EPDM membrane, manufactured with Factory Applied Tape (FAT™).

FAT™ gives you a seam that has the same elasticity and flexibility as the membrane itself. Applied to our membranes in a factory controlled setting, FAT ensures reliable seams with greater peel and shear strengths than standard seaming methods.

The 3.05m wide roll with FAT™ reduces the amount of seams on the roof by 67% compared to felt systems and reduces the seaming time by 75% compared to other methods.

FAT™ is applied to one edge of the roll, the other edge has a guide line to ensure correct overlap widths and membrane placement.

FAT™ improves seaming productivity so projects can be completed faster, getting buildings ‘in the dry’ quicker and minimising business disruption.

RubberBond Sprayable Bonding Adhesive

A high strength, spray applied contact adhesive, specifically designed, manufactured and tested for RubberBond flat roofing installations. Designed for bonding RubberBond membrane to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Suitable for a range of surfaces e.g. timber, brickwork, metal and concrete.

Aerosol 1 Skin Irrit. 2 Eye Irrit. 2 STOT SE 3 Aquatic Chronic 2


  • Available in 22L canister (3.5-4.5m2 per litre dependent on substrate)
  • Read TDS & SDS prior to use

Why choose Flex-R’s LQD-PUR?

LQD-PUR is a polyurethane roof coating, incorporating the reinforcement of a chopped strand mat. The system is able to withstand the stresses that roofs experience due to its elastomeric properties. LQD-PUR can provide roof waterproofing over a range of new & existing substrates.

Tried & tested technology as a flat roofing product, polyurethane (PU) is a synthetic resin that can be applied as a liquid to create a seamless and waterproof membrane.

LQD-PUR has been awarded BBA Agrément Certificate 21/5904 by the British Board of Agrément stating a service life of at least 20 & 25 years, determined by the application. It can be installed as part of a flat roof build-up to achieve a BROOFt4 flat or pitched roof build-up. 20 or 25 year product guarantees are available (T & C’s apply).

LQD-PUR Liquid Waterproofing

LQD-PUR is a complete roof waterproofing system. Tried and tested polyurethane technology provides the reassurance of a long-lasting roof, further supported by the awarding of BBA certificates for systems assessed to provide a durable waterproof coating with service lives in excess of 20 and 25 years.

The LQD-PUR system is able to withstand the stresses that roofs experience due to its elastomeric properties. Fast curing components, and cross-linking technology provide the professional contractor with a fast, easy to install system.

Read TDS & SDS prior to use

LQD-PUR Chopped Strand Mat

225gsm Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) provides reinforcement between Coat A & Coat B of the LQD-PUR Waterproofing System. The components of LQD-PUR cause the CSM to break down into individual fibres when embedded into the Base Coat, reducing the risk of creasing, and ensuring each run of matting is fully incorporated into the next.

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    * Whilst listed contractors are considered to be part of Flex-R’s contractor recognition scheme, they are not agents, employees or contractors of Flex-R. Flex-R shall have no control or responsibility over the actions, omissions or errors of such contractors in relation to any works or otherwise. Our SRI’s all complete training at our dedicated facilities and receive further on-site training to ensure they’re confident when using our systems.

    ** T&C’s apply. Contact Flex-R for details.