Silicone Roof Coating for Roof Refurbishment

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When your roofing warranty is coming to an end, yet your roof is in good condition, what are the options? Silicone roofing offers a practical, flexible solution which is easy to apply even over complicated roof surfaces.

GE Enduris Silicone Roof Coating

With a track record of superior performance, a GE Enduris 100% silicone roof coating system can bring confidence and compliance to roof restorations and repairs.  Unlike carbon-based polymer roof coatings, silicone is completely UV stable and will not harden under weather and atmospheric conditions, providing long-term performance.

  • Seamless, stable and energy-efficient coating
  • Durable and flexible for long-term performance
  • 100% silicone, allowing it to expand and contract at the same rate
  • Stable, flexible, and virtually unaffected by daily and seasonal temperature extremes
  • Does not become brittle or harden as the system ages
  • Up to 20 year warranty available.

Made in the Netherlands and the USA and available in the UK through Flex-R, GE Enduris pure silicone roof coating is a single coating, requiring no fabric or chopped strand mat reinforcement in many cases (subject to the condition of the existing roof finish).  As a one component system there is no mixing, less wastage and it can be applied in one pass.

The product can be applied over a wide range of existing roof surfaces including:

  • Bitumen Felt roofs
  • Aged metal roofs
  • Plastisol coated metal roofs
  • Aged Single Ply roofs.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Silicone Roof Coating is suitable for extending the life of existing flat roofs which are coming to the end of their warranty period. Restoring your roof with silicone delays the need for a costly or time-consuming replacement project.

With its very low odour formulation, GE Enduris is particularly suitable for extending the life of buildings that are to remain in use during the refurbishment works, such as schools, colleges, residential or medical facilities.

Non-reinforced silicone roof coating is especially useful for roofs with complex detailing where applying a reinforcement would be difficult to achieve successfully. Instead, GE Enduris takes its strength from the thickness of the material itself.

20-Year Guarantees for Silicone Roof Coating

GE Enduris offers a range of different warrantees. The length of warranty available depends on the thickness of coating over the top surface of the existing waterproofing, so the application rates vary depending on the substrate and guarantee term.

Guidance on application rates is provided in our Specification Guides, which are available for different substrates and different guarantee lengths.

Case Study: Gas Plant Roof

Gas Plant Roof

This gas plant site in East Anglia which saw the refurbishment of a 700m2 zinc roof to an administration block. The metal roof had reached the end of its serviceable life and the client required a waterproofing solution to ensure the building below remained watertight for many more years.

However, restrictions at the sensitive site meant that no flammable liquids, solvents or high VOC products were used. The administration block also had to remain operational throughout the work.

Flex-R’s Specification Manager Michael Iddenden-Smith carried out a full roof survey which confirmed that whilst the roof was still structurally sound the zinc had reached the end of its serviceable life.

GE Enduris Silicone coating provided an ideal solution due to its flexibility under temperature changes, no odour or hazardous solvents and required no not works.

Read more about the project here.

Key Advice – Talk to Us

Here are some things to be aware of if you’re considering using Silicone roof coating:

  • The product is designed for use on aged roofs that were originally correctly installed and undamaged.
  • Liquid roof coatings rely on adhesion and thickness for their strength. Ensure the roof surface is thoroughly cleaned and free from moisture before applying.
  • Many substrates do not require a primer, however a range of primers are available for certain substrates. For example, bitumen based existing roofs will require a bitumen blocker.

Read the specification and installation advice for full details and speak to us if you have any questions. We are more than happy to provide advice for a particular project and look forward to hearing from you – just get in touch.

Visit the product literature page here to download:

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  • CAD Drawings
  • Product Data Sheet
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Specification Guides
  • Technical Data Sheets
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