School Roofs – Funding for Repair and Replacement

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School Roofs – Funding for Repair and Replacement

Over recent years the poor condition of the education estate in the UK has become increasingly apparent. Many schools and academies operating today were built between 1945 and 1980 and are in need of major refurbishment or replacement. As a result, the government’s own School Condition Data Collection (CDC) Programme found that more than one in six schools in England required urgent repairs, and school business managers relate how problems with school buildings are making their work more difficult and dangerous.

Many schools have roofs which are coming to the end of their natural life, and others have been repaired or poorly replaced in the past. This may be the case on your estate; you may have discovered it when reviewing the condition of your buildings, or you may already be aware of failing roofing on your school, academy or sixth form college.

In an environment of squeezed resources and ageing school roofs, what is to be done? One solution is the Condition Improvement Fund, however applying for CIF Funding can be a challenge. This article sets out CIF funding for school roofs and explains how Flex-R can help your bid be successful.

What is the Condition Improvement Fund?

The Condition Improvement Fund is a government backed annual bidding round of capital funding to help support academies, sixth-form colleges and non-diocesan Voluntary Aided (VA) schools meet significant building need, so as to keep education buildings safe and in good working order.

Last year the Condition Improvement Fund received £430m which funded 1400 projects across England. Funding rounds are naturally very competitive, and it is important to have a team of experienced professionals on your side.

Do Roof Repairs Qualify for the Condition Improvement Fund?

Most definitely yes! Maintaining an effectively performing roof on your school buildings is an essential part of having an effectively performing estate. A good roof not only provides insulation and shelter from the elements, it also protects your pupils and staff from a wide range of health and safety hazards. Alongside windows and heating systems, roofs are one of three major elements of school buildings that are eligible to apply for CIF funding.

A well-maintained roof means: improved health and safety assessments, reduced staff workload, reduced energy bills, and peace of mind.

When can schools apply for CIF Funding?

Each CIF funding round begins in the autumn with a call for applications. Awards are made in the Spring of the following year for work to be carried out that year.

Of course, it is important not to wait until the autumn to prepare for a CIF funding bid; the sooner you can get the process started, the more time there will be to put a successful bid together in what is a very competitive environment.

How Flex-R can help your CIF Funding Bid

Flex-R is hugely experienced in school roof refurbishment and in flat roofing in particular. We can support your funding bid in a comprehensive way:

  • Roofing Expertise – Flex-R has been supplying school roof refurbishments for many years and operate a successful bidding process in consultation with specialist educational surveyors for the replacement or refurbishment of flat and pitched roof areas.
  • Free Roof Survey – a free no obligation initial survey, review of works, current finishes, moisture levels, structure and detailing required.
  • Defining the solution – we will propose the most appropriate roofing solution, build up and finishing that also allows for the safe management of any remedial works, access and disruption issues.
  • Designing a roof replacement or repair – the design of roof works, assess weight loads, materials, fire risks, wind uplift and insulation to ensure your new roof performs as required.
  • Document management – Creation of all submission documents, design options, risk assessments and photography require to support the submission.
  • CIF/EFA bid funding assistance – We work with you through the consultation process to achieve your funding goals. We provide the application contents; all you have to do is submit.
  • Expert installation – Flex-R has trained Specialist Registered Installers who are experienced in working in schools with minimal disruption to the life of the school and its neighbours.
  • Long Robust Warranties – All solutions come with manufacturer and installer guarantees for complete peace of mind. We will advise on a maintenance regime that will keep your roof performing throughout its natural life.

Which Flex-R Roofing Materials are suitable for School Roof Refurbishment?

Flex-R Flat Roofing Solutions supplies a range of flat and pitched roofing products which are suitable for school roof refurbishment projects.

  • RubberBond FleeceBack is a BBA-Approved 1.2mm thick EPDM membrane which offers significant savings beyond those of a typical 10 or 20 year roof system. It has excellent puncture resistance and fire ratings, outstanding flexibility at lower temperatures and is ideal for overlaying an existing surface.
  • GE Enduris is a three-component, 100% silicone, reinforced liquid roof coating which is seamless and permanently flexible. It can be applied in cold weathers and is suitable for application over single ply membranes, asphaltic and moderated bitumen roofing, metal roofing and even concrete and foam. It is backed by world-class technical support and a 10, 15 or 20 – year warranty.
  • LQD-R2 is a cutting-edge, single component liquid waterproofing system which is particularly suitable for more complex roofs. It is applied cold so there is no fire risk from heat or flame, and is non hazardous with low odour and no solvents – ideal for installation when a building is in use.

How to Get Started with CIF Funding for School Roofs

A quality roof is more than just the products that go into it – it’s also the support and service that assist you throughout the entire process. If you have applied for CIF funding before without success, if you’ve never applied before, or if you just need more support, our team of professionals have a track record of successful bids and can help your application succeed.

If you’d like to talk about your school roofing challenge, or if you’d like to book a free, no obligation roof survey, call us on 01494 448792, email or use our contact form.