Flex-R signs General Electric deal

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Flex-R signs General Electric deal

Flex-R has reached an agreement with American giant General Electric (GE) to be one of the first companies in Europe to act as a supplier of its silicone liquid coating product.

We saw GE’s Enduris roof coating at the International Roofing Expo in the US earlier this year and wasted no time in striking a deal to become the first supplier in the UK.

Our Trading Director Duncan Winter sees huge potential in bringing Enduris to market in the UK because of its proven track record of performance in the US and the size of its market share.

We will initially roll out Enduris roof coating through our network of Specialist Registered Installers (SRIs).

“GE is a huge player in the US roofing market, and it’s a real coup for Flex-R to be one of the first companies in Europe to introduce Enduris,” said Duncan. “Flex-R already has a sole distribution agreement for US-manufactured Carlisle SynTec single-ply goods, and we were able to agree terms so quickly with GE because it was reassured by the training and customer support that we offer and the longevity of our relationship with Carlisle.

“We are very excited about launching Enduris because it’s a product with a proven track record of durability and performance, and GE has been able to demonstrate why it has been a popular product in the US for more than 50 years.

“We already have the infrastructure in place to roll out Enduris through our Specialist Registered Installers, who we support with both in-house and on-site training. We also have a team of Specification Managers, who will work closely with architects and specifiers to recommend Enduris for upcoming projects.”

As a silicone roof coating, Enduris is a fast, efficient and economical solution that provides decades of durability because it stops leaks, improves performance and extends roof life with a single-coat, primer-less application.

It can be applied to most existing roof types, including bituminous membranes, single ply (TPO, PVC and EPDM), PU SPF foam, concrete and metal.

Enduris is able to withstand extreme fluctuating conditions, and its 3500 coating can be rolled or sprayed in temperatures as low as -17°C – without freezing – and as high as 49°C.

The introduction of Enduris is another milestone in what has been a landmark year for the company – which has seen a 30% increase in its number of staff and a new training hub and warehouse facility being opened in the North of England.

“The agreement with GE caps an already remarkable year for Flex-R,” added Duncan. “The opening of facilities in Huddersfield has been a real springboard for growth, particularly in the North, and opportunities keep opening up for us to take full advantage of.

“We have high hopes that Enduris will prove as popular as our other products in both the SRI and distribution markets as we continue to play a key part in supporting the roofing industry.”