East Anglia Gas Plant

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East Anglia Gas Plant

PROJECT NAME: East Anglia Gas Plant.
FLEX-R PRODUCT: GE Enduris Silicone Liquid Waterproofing.
ROOFING CONTRACTOR: SL Bartram Roofing & Scaffolding Ltd.


When working on a site of strategic national importance there are often restrictions put in place which limit the product choice and working practices for the contractor. This was the case on a sensitive site in East Anglia which saw the refurbishment of a 700m2 zinc roof to an administration block.

The metal roof had reached the end of its serviceable life and the client required a waterproofing solution to ensure the building below remained watertight for many more years. However, restrictions at the sensitive site meant that no flammable liquids, solvents or high VOC products were used. The administration block also had to remain operational throughout the work.

Technical Support

S L Bartram Roofing & Scaffolding were successful in winning the contract for this prestigious project. The Norfolk based company has undertaken similar work for other utility companies and their experience would prove valuable on this project. As a Specialist Registered Installer (SRI) of Flex-R products Shane, owner of S L Bartram Roofing & Scaffolding, knew he could turn to Flex-R to provide technical support and product advice on this challenging project.

Product Specification

To understand the project the first step was for Flex-R’s Specification Manager Michael Iddenden-Smith to conduct a full roof survey. Although the roof was still structurally sound the zinc had reached the end of its serviceable life and was failing in a number of areas. Taking into account the site restrictions and requirements of the roof Flex-R had no hesitation in recommending GE Enduris liquid waterproofing, a silicone roof coating.

Metal will expand and contract as the temperature changes and therefore require a flexible refurbishment solution. Silicone coatings provide the ideal solution. The coating cures quickly to form a durable, seamless membrane that is breathable, waterproof, and permanently flexible. It is UV-stable and maintains its elasticity even after decades of exposure to weather and climate.

Ben Midwinter Technical Manager at Flex-R said: “GE Enduris has a proven track record of performance. The system is a fast, efficient and economical solution that improves performance and extends the life of the roof life.”

The challenge of working on a sensitive site

Shane added: “Not only was GE Enduris the right product but it also ticked all the boxes for the project, which was so restrictive in terms of working practices. The liquid product requires no hot works and there is no smell, odour or hazardous solvents. “On this project we couldn’t use any machinery or tools that could potentially cause any form of combustion – so, for example, we couldn’t use petrol-powered leaf blowers. And everyone working on site had to have pre-approved clearance, vans were searched in and out of the site, and the use of mobiles was forbidden.”


As with any refurbishment project, and especially when working with liquid systems, preparation of the roof is cri cal. SL Bartram Roofing & Scaffolding first abraded the bays with an electric belt sander to clean the zinc and obtain the op mum surface possible to apply the product.

GE Enduris is largely a primerless application with limited need for a reinforcing fabric layer. As a one component system there is no mixing, less wastage and it can be applied in one pass. Although the product is simple to apply it does however require careful application. Installers must be incredibly vigilant on the thickness of the product, too thin and it will lessen its lifespan.

Contractor Support

Shane hadn’t worked with GE Enduris before but as an SRI he received full training on how to use the product. Flex-R were also on hand to support the installers through every stage of the project. Michael a ended site during the initial stages of the project to assist with the product application and answer any queries. He would also visit regularly throughout the project and conducted the final warranty sign off.

Shane calculated the amount of liquid required for each bay and then poured and spread the product using a squeegee and roller to achieve an even finish. Shane was careful to check and double check his coverage rate and even applied the product at slightly thicker levels to ensure it met the 20 year guarantee requested by the client. This also took into account that the zinc was uneven at some points.

A key part of the application process was the daily coating log that Flex-R had in place – which is not only best practice for its SRIs but also acts as a record that forms part of the warranty. The log recorded the surface and ambient temperature before coating, the surface temperature mid-working and the relative humidity. It also recorded the wet film thickness four times per day.

Shane is now a big supporter of the silicone system “The work only took 2½ weeks to complete which is incredibly quick for a roof of this size and amount of detailing. A fabric liquid product would easily have taken four times as long.

I’m hugely impressed by GE Enduris, and after one project it’s become our liquid waterproofing solution of choice.”

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